About Us

The simple strength of black.

NOIR COSMETICS is built on a better shade of BLACK.
Black’s powerful beauty is only matched by
its incredible versatility and functionality.
What other colour can you wear in absolutely every circumstance
and be both suitably and perfectly dressed?


Black can be lavish and luxurious
or simple and sensible
It can march you to the front of the line, or let you blend effortlessly into the background.
Black lets you decide who you want to be.
It gives you permission to feel and the POWER to express every shade and nuance of feeling.
Black does all that.


And we do black best. Because it’s all we do.


Noir Cosmetics offers professional cosmetics

in various shades of black, and a simple choice of textures that make it easy to create a look that perfectly suits your mood. Why such an exclusive focus? Because we believe it’s all you need. From the most precisely defined line to the most shadowy of soft smudges, our simple, dependable products can do it all. Noir is little black dress of eye makeup. Noir is timeless, powerful, easy to wear, and can effortlessly take you anywhere.